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KuCoin 2021 Review: The Complete Guide With Ratings & Fees
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KuCoin.<br>Packed full of advanced features, KuCoin is the exchange of choice for pro traders!<br>KuCoin review.<br>KuCoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.<br>It opened its doors in September 2017 and has gone on to become a popular destination for serious crypto traders.<br>With a 24-hour volume of more than &#8364;2.6 billion, it&#8217;s safe to say that KuCoin is as legit as they come.<br>So, let&#8217;s explore the world of KuCoin and teach you how to become a pro at trading at KuCoin!<br>What is KuCoin?<br>KuCoin is a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange based in Singapore.<br>It focuses on listing coins and trading pairs that are of quality and that add value to its users.<br>KuCoin calls itself the "people&#8217;s exchange" as it focuses on putting traders first.<br>As a result, you&#8217;ll find a lot of features and functions at KuCoin that you won&#8217;t find anywhere else!<br>Let&#8217;s explore those features together!<br>The history of KuCoin.<br>Before we can dive into the features, it&#8217;s a great idea to take a look at KuCoin&#8217;s history and see where it came from.<br>Founded in September 2017, KuCoin was around for the infamous bull run of December 2017.<br>It launched at a time when lots of other exchanges were going live, so it had to differentiate itself from the crowd in order to stand out.<br>Many of KuCoin&#8217;s critics will say that it&#8217;s become needlessly complicated and confusing.<br>But, this is what was lacking from other crypto exchanges launched during the era, and a lot of its features are still missing from other crypto exchanges.<br>So, you can call KuCoin a true pioneer and visionary in the crypto trading sphere.<br>In November 2018 KuCoin partnered with IDG Capital and Matrix Partners in order to raise funding and supercharge its development.<br>Since then, KuCoin has become more ambitious with its development roadmap and we&#8217;ve seen some huge features land.<br>There&#8217;s plenty more in the pipline, and this will only take the KuCoin experience to new heights.<br>In September 2020, KuCoin was hacked, and it saw more than $150 million of Bitcoin and ERC-20 tokens drained from its hot wallets.<br>KuCoin initially tried to deny the claims of a hack, but then admitted to the hack several days later.<br>Since then, KuCoin has allegedly completed a "thorough security review", but this doesn&#8217;t mean that you should store your funds on an exchange long-term &#8211; ever!<br>How to buy cryptocurrency at KuCoin?<br>Let&#8217;s face it, the real reason that you&#8217;re here is to find out how easy it is to make an account and buy crypto at KuCoin.<br>Well, let&#8217;s stop delaying and get right to it.<br>Creating an account and buying crypto at KuCoin is a quick process, but it can get a little complicated and tricky.<br>So, we&#8217;re going to walk you through the entire process of signing up and buying crypto from KuCoin.<br>Depending on your region and device, things may look a little different, but the core process will be the same.<br>This means that you might see a few different payment options when it comes to depositing or buying crypto with fiat at KuCoin.<br>Unverified users are limited to buys of &#8364;20,000 per day and withdrawals are capped at 5 BTC per 24 hours.<br>You can currently buy crypto using the following fiat currencies:<br>Fiat buys aren&#8217;t done directly through KuCoin and are done with a 3 rd party provider.<br>When you input the fiat you wish to use and the amount you wish to buy, you&#8217;ll be given a choice of provider to use.<br>You&#8217;ll then need to complete registration at this provider.<br>The payment methods may vary at the end of this registration period as well, which can be frustrating.<br>It&#8217;s not the best system for buying crypto with fiat, but it gets the job done if you&#8217;ve got patience.<br>Not all cryptocurrencies can be bought with all fiat currencies.<br>For example, you cannot currently buy Bitcoin with EUR at KuCoin.<br>Also, certain providers claim to accept certain payment methods, but once you complete registration at the 3 rd party, that payment option isn&#8217;t available.<br>You don&#8217;t need to complete verification, but if you do, you&#8217;ll need a few bits to hand.<br>You can do this on any device you wish seeing as the KuCoin application doesn&#8217;t allow you to use your camera.<br>This means that you can take a picture of the documents and send it to the device that you&#8217;re going to be using.<br>You&#8217;ll need one of the following documents to get verified at KuCoin:<br>ID Card Passport Government issued ID.<br>You&#8217;ll also be asked to sign a piece of paper, write a special unique code on it as well as today&#8217;s date.<br>You&#8217;ll then have to hold this paper and your photo ID of choice while taking a selfie.<br>This process can be tricky as getting everything into focus and not covering your face is a bit of a challenge, especially if you don&#8217;t have someone to take the picture for you.<br>But, more on that process in just a minute!<br>Are you ready to buy crypto at KuCoin?<br>We certainly are!<br>Step-by-step guide to buy crypto at KuCoin.<br>Let&#8217;s get down to business and sign up at KuCoin.<br>The registration process is realtiely easy and quick.<br>We did the registration through the iOS application, but it&#8217;s the same process if you opt to do it on the Android app or through the website.<br>The apps offer a slightly better experience when it comes to uploading verification images as well as ease of use in general.<br>But the website is just as good, so don&#8217;t feel like you must use the mobile application.<br>Step 1 &#8211; registration.<br>When you&#8217;re ready to create your account, head on over to the KuCoin website.<br>From there you can click through to the official KuCoin app or opt to remain on the website.<br>This is far safer than looking for the app in the App Store or Google Play Store as there are many fakes out there.<br>Once you&#8217;ve got the app ready to go, hit sign up button.<br>First up, you&#8217;ll have to input your email address.<br>Once you&#8217;ve put that in, click send and you&#8217;ll get a code sent to your email address.<br>Pop that code in the box and click next.<br>You can also opt to do this with your mobile phone number instead by clicking the "by phone number" option at the bottom.<br>It&#8217;s worth noting that not all country codes are supported, despite KuCoin operating in that region.<br>Once you&#8217;ve done this step, you&#8217;ll need to enter a password twice and hit sign up.<br>Congratulations, you just registered at KuCoin.<br>See, wasn&#8217;t that easy?<br>Step 2 &#8211; verification.<br>This step is optional and isn&#8217;t worth your time if you&#8217;re going to be buying and trading less than &#8364;20,000 a day.<br>Withdrawals are also capped at 5 BTC in 24 hours before verification. But this is lifted to 3,000 BTC in 24 hours of you complete verification.<br>We attempted to complete the verification process but failed with the last step 9 times and have faced no issues when buying, selling, trading, and withdrawing crypto.<br>But, if you want to be a good cookie, or trade crazy amounts of crypto, then it&#8217;s worth doing this step.<br>You&#8217;re less likely to run into any issues down the line if you are fulled verified.<br>If you don&#8217;t want to verify, skip this step.<br>So, in order to do get verified, you need to open up the app and click on the letters in the circle at the top-left corner of the app.<br>We would call them your initials, but in our case, they&#8217;re not our initials at all.<br>This will open up a side menu, and then you need to click on idendity in the middle at the top.<br>This will take you to the verification process.<br>First up, you&#8217;ll need to fill in some personal details.<br>Next, you will pick the ID type that you wish to submit.<br>Take the images with your camera and send them to the device you&#8217;re using as the app doesn&#8217;t permit use of the camera.<br>Attach these files and then open up the final verification check.<br>This is where you need to sign a paper, put today&#8217;s date and use your special code.<br>You then need to take a picture holding this paper, the ID you&#8217;ve used and your face.<br>This is tricky to do on your own, so we recommend asking a friend to help you take the picture.<br>We tried to do this 9 times, but every time we&#8217;ve failed for something not being clear enough.<br>If you manage to pass this on the first attempt, you should probably pop a bottle of champagne!<br>After you submit this image, you will have to wait anywhere up to 6 hours for confirmation on whether you passed verification or not.<br>If you failed, you can retry seemingly as many times as you want.<br>If you pass, you&#8217;re all set and ready to move on to the next set &#8211; buying crypto at KuCoin!<br>Step 3 &#8211; buy cryptocurrency.<br>Now we come to the exciting step &#8211; buying crypto at KuCoin.<br>KuCoin doesn&#8217;t appear to have any fiat payment processors, meaning that you need to head to a 3 rd party site in order to buy crypto with KuCoin.<br>This is a little irritating, especially if you just spent the time completing verification.<br>Gripes aside, it&#8217;s the only way to buy crypto with fiat at KuCoin, so let&#8217;s dive in.<br>Open up the app and hit trade at the bottom in the middle.<br>Then, you&#8217;ll want to toggle it to fiat using the top menu.<br>Next up, select which crypto you want to buy and the fiat currency you want to use.<br>KuCoin lets you pick just about every fiat currency in the world, so you&#8217;re pretty spoilt for choice.<br>Then enter the amount you wish you buy and pick your payment method.<br>You&#8217;ll then be given a list of payment channels that you can use.<br>Unfortunately, not all cryptocurrencies can be bought with all fiat currencies.<br>This means that you might have to settle for a different crypto then trade into the one you want afterwards.<br>For example, you cannot buy Bitcoin with Euro at KuCoin.<br>Once you&#8217;ve finally settled on a pair, pick a payment channel, and follow the instructions.<br>All the payment channels we tested out, or should we say tried to use, asked us to complete verification on their end.<br>This is a bit of a slap in the face if you&#8217;re already done it with KuCoin.<br>Once you complete the verification, which is often just your mobile number of email address, you can get down to paying for crypto.<br>Sometimes the payment method you picked won&#8217;t show after all of that, so you either need to swap payment methods at the last minute or pick a new payment channel.<br>For example, we opted to use Apple Pay with one, but after the verification we were only given card or Google Pay as a payment method.<br>Once you&#8217;ve picked your payment method and completed the transaction, you&#8217;ll be taken back to your KuCoin account.<br>The crypto will then appear in your account shortly.<br>Depending on which crypto you bought, it could take anywhere from a few seconds to an hour to show up in your account.<br>You can see all pending deposits on the fiat page.<br>Congratulations, you just signed up, verified your account, and bought crypto at KuCoin!<br>Sending cryptocurrency to your external wallet.<br>Storing your cryptocurrency on an exchange is never a good idea, so moving it to your own wallet is essential.<br>By all means keep some crypto on an exchange to trade with, or if you plan on trading in the near future.<br>But if you want to store it for a few days, consider moving it to your own wallet.<br>Fortunately, it&#8217;s incredibly easy to move your crypto to your own wallet with KuCoin.<br>First of all, you&#8217;ll need an external crypto wallet.<br>There are loads out there and they all work slightly differently.<br>Some are better for daily use, while others are more of a long-term storage option.<br>You can learn more about crypto wallets with our detailed guide to crypto wallets.<br>There we run through the types of wallets, and which work best for your use cases.<br>Once you&#8217;ve got your wallets set up and secure, it&#8217;s time to make your KuCoin withdrawal.<br>Before you can withdraw, you need to set up 2-factor authentication (2FA) and bind your phone number to your account.<br>KuCoin doesn&#8217;t support all country codes, but don&#8217;t worry, we&#8217;ve got a workaround for that issue.<br>To enable 2FA, open the left-hand menu by clicking your "initials" and then tap security.<br>Select 2FA and then you can link a 2FA application, like Authy or Google Authenticator.<br>Either scan the QR code or copy and paste the key, both methods work the same.<br>Once that&#8217;s set up, head back to the security menu.<br>Then where it says "phone" make sure that it says disabled.<br>If it says anything else, open up that menu and toggle it to disabled.<br>You can then withdraw from your account.<br>Click on assets from the bottom menu and then pick whtdraw from the top menu.<br>Simply pick the cryptocurrency that you wish to withdraw, and start filling in the details.<br>When you input the wallet address, triple check that it&#8217;s correct as you cannot recover any funds once they&#8217;re sent.<br>You&#8217;ll also have the choice of network, which might confuse a lot of people.<br>For Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens, you have the choice of ERC-20 or TRC-20.<br>This lets you pick between using Ethereum on Tron or Ethereum.<br>If you want to keep your ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum and are using an ERC-20 wallet, make sure you pick ERC-20.<br>Your funds will be lost if you pick a different network.<br>For Bitcoin, you&#8217;ll have the choice between the following options:<br>BTC is a regular wallet that doesn&#8217;t have Segwit enabled.<br>This is the standard choice and will work for all Bitcoin withdrawals, but it will cost a bit more in transaction fees.<br>If your wallet address starts with a 3 or BC1 then you can opt for Segwit, which will give you lower fees and will be quicker.<br>In the ideal world, you should be using a Segwit wallet that has an address beginning with a 3 or BC1, but it&#8217;s not essential.<br>Finally, TRC-20 is the Tron version of Bitcoin and should be avoided unless you&#8217;re moving your Bitcoin to the Tron network to use in DeFi.<br>Once you&#8217;re happy with everything, you can then hit continue and fill in a verification code that will be sent to your email address.<br>Once you&#8217;ve done that, KuCoin will process the transaction within 30 minutes.<br>Buying cryptocurrency at KuCoin with a credit card.<br>If you want to buy crypto at <a href="https://go.binaryoption.ae/xjnqb9">KuCoin</a> with your credit card, then you&#8217;re in luck.<br>It&#8217;s one of the only ways that you can actually buy crypto at KuCoin.<br>However, KuCoin doesn&#8217;t handle this in-house and will send you to a 3 rd party provider in order to complete the transaction.<br>This in turn causes the fees to be a little bit higher than you see with other exchanges.<br>When you go to buy crypto with your card at KuCoin, you&#8217;ll be given a choice of payment facilitators.<br>You can then choose the one that offers you the most crypto for your money, as these have the best rates and lowest fees.<br>You then have to complete verification at the 3 rd party provider the first time you use them.<br>It&#8217;s also worth noting that not all cryptocurrencies are available for all currencies.<br>If you can&#8217;t buy the crypto of your dreams with your card at KuCoin, you will have to buy a different crypto then trade into your crypto of choice afterwards.<br>Fortunately, this system does allow you to maneuver around banking bans on crypto quite nicely.<br>Some of the payment channels don&#8217;t show up as crypto exchanges, so your bank should approve the transaction with no problem at all.<br>Other payment methods available at KuCoin.<br>Most crypto exchanges have a few fiat payment methods available for you to pick from, and KuCoin sticks to the trend.<br>However, owing to its fairly unique setup of only using 3 rd party providers for fiat purchases, you are somewhat limited.<br>Bank transfers are not possible owing to this setup.<br>But you can use Google Pay and Apple Pay.<br>It&#8217;s worth noting that some payment channels that advertise the fact that they accept Google Pay or Apple Pay may not actually do so once you pass verification.<br>So, prepare for this outcome ahead of time.<br>To pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay at KuCoin, simply pick it as your payment method.<br>You are then only shown payment channels that should accept that payment method.<br>Depending on the fiat currency you select, you may get additional payment methods based on your region.<br>Banks can prevent purchases of cryptocurrency.<br>Some countries have banking bans on crypto.<br>This means that any transaction from a bank account to a crypto exchange will be declined automatically.<br>This is problematic, especially when using crypto is legal and allowed in the country.<br>There are other nations that are crypto friendly, but banks in that region don&#8217;t like crypto and will prevent transactions.<br>This is commonplace inside Europe, but there are workarounds.<br>Using Apple Pay and Google Pay are fantastic alternatives that KuCoin has available.<br>So, if you live in a country with a banking ban on crypto, you shouldn&#8217;t need to worry too much about it at KuCoin thanks to its payment channels.<br>Can you sell crypto at KuCoin?<br>Buying crypto at KuCoin might not be the easiest task, but when it comes to selling, you&#8217;re in for a surprise &#8211; it&#8217;s not possible.<br>There are no fiat wallets or trading pairs at KuCoin.<br>This means that you can only withdraw or hold cryptocurrency in your KuCoin account.<br>So, while you can trade your crypto for a stablecoin or another cryptocurrency, you cannot sell it for fiat currency.<br>If you want to sell your cryptocurrency for fiat, you&#8217;ll need to look at using a different exchange with a fiat off-ramp.<br>KuCoin has an incredible range.<br>If you&#8217;re looking to trade cryptocurrencies for other cryptos, then KuCoin has your back.<br>It has a phenominal range of markets, with 771 trading pairs at the time of writing.<br>This is one of the largest selections in the crypto trading world.<br>When you consider that KuCoin only lists cryptocurrencies that it sees with good potential and fundamentals, it&#8217;s done well to have that mainy pairs.<br>Best of all, KuCoin is always on the lookout to add even more pairs based on user demand.<br>That means if a new cryptocurrency pops up and it&#8217;s not scammy, Kucoin will list it and create markets with its liquidity providers.<br>Why is KuCoin one of the largest trading venues?<br>Despite its many flaws and drawbacks for beginners, KuCoin is actually one of the most popular crypto trading venues in the world.<br>This is largely down to the fact that there are so many trading pairs available for crypto traders.<br>Throw in the fact that KYC isn&#8217;t nessesary and you&#8217;ve got the perfect crypto exchange.<br>The benefits and perks don&#8217;t really apply to newcomers to the crypto world and can only really be enjoyed by someone who&#8217;s been in crypto a while.<br>There are trading bots that can generate upwards of 7,000% APY for you to use and you can stake directly from your KuCoin account.<br>It even supports Ethereum 2.0 staking in the form of a pool, meaning that you can start staking Ethereum 2.0 with as little Ethereum as you wish.<br>You don&#8217;t need the 32 ETH requirement, which is a massive draw.<br>You can trade most currencies on leverage up to 100x, you can lend out crypto just like in DeFi and there are regular contests.<br>KuCoin really has rolled out the red carpet for crypto traders, and if you&#8217;re an active trader, there are oodles of benefits waiting for you.<br>As a beginner trader, KuCoin&#8217;s benefits might be a little out of reach and the advanced trading interface might be a bit too complicated.<br>The good, bad, and ugly at KuCoin.<br>KuCoin does a lot of things right, and that&#8217;s the reason it&#8217;s one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world in terms of trade volume.<br>It&#8217;s perfect for seasoned traders that already have a good knowledge of crypto and a healthy portfolio.<br>But for beginners, it can be a scary, confusing and tricky place.<br>The contests give you plenty of chances to rack up free crypto.<br>The trading bots allow you to supercharge your earnings and the staking feature is second to none.<br>For advanced users, KuCoin is the best exchange, hands down.<br>But, if you&#8217;re newer to the crypto world and aren&#8217;t overly confident, KuCoin might not be the best place for you.<br>Let&#8217;s look at the pros and cons of KuCoin!<br>The pros of KuCoin.<br>KuCoin is perfect for advanced traders, packing in some incredible features.<br>Here are the pros of KuCoin:<br>Incredible range of trading pairs Ultra-low fees Professional trading interface Can stake multiple cryptocurrencies Highly profitable trading bots Up to 100x leverage trading Lending and borrowing facilities Lots of contests.<br>KuCoin has an impressive range of features that you&#8217;ll be hard pressed to find anywhere else.<br>The only exchange that gets close to the variety of KuCoin in terms of features and trading pairs is Binance.<br>If you&#8217;re looking for a high-quality crypto trading platform, KuCoin certainly has everything that you could ever need.<br>It really is a remarkable exchange that will blow your mind.<br>The Cons of KuCoin.<br>Unfortunately, despite all of the positives, there are a few issues with KuCoin that are big enough to put off certain groups of crypto traders.<br>If you&#8217;re new to crypto, KuCoin might be a bit too advanced for you.<br>We don&#8217;t mean that in an insulting way, but more of in a way where KuCoin won&#8217;t help you and give you the support that you need to get familiar with the crypto world.<br>Here are the cons of KuCoin:<br>No fiat trading pairs Fiat purchases done through 3 rd party providers off-site No basic or simple interface.<br>These issues that we have with KuCoin are all related to its ease of use.<br>KuCoin is known as the exchange of the people, but it&#8217;s not well suited to all people.<br>If you&#8217;re looking for a simple way to buy and sell crypto, Kucoin is not the exchange for you.<br>Is KuCoin safe?<br>All exchanges carry a certain degree of risk, but some carry a little more than others.<br>KuCoin sits relatively middle of the pack in terms of security, but it claims to have increased security in recent times.<br>It suffered a hack worth around $150 million back in September 2020, and since then it has undertaken what it claims to be a "thorough security review".<br>Still, that doesn&#8217;t mean that you should leave thousands of Euros worth of crypto on KuCoin.<br>Crypto exchanges are inherently risky places to store crypto.<br>There are a lot of security features built in that you can use to keep your account as safe as possible.<br>But, all the security features in the world are useless if KuCoin&#8217;s hot wallets get hit again.<br>The same goes for your security.<br>It&#8217;s useless having the best security in the world if your password is quite literally password.<br>Two-factor authentication.<br>Before you are able to withdraw any funds from your KuCoin account to a personal wallet, you&#8217;ll need to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA).<br>This is the only point where it becomes mandatory for you and is a good fail safe.<br>However, it&#8217;s wise to enable it even if you&#8217;re just trading using the platform.<br>Let&#8217;s say that your account is compromised, and you don&#8217;t have 2FA enabled.<br>The hacker can then slide in his or her own 2FA app and then withdraw from your account.<br>Not to mention that the hacker wouldn&#8217;t be able to access your account in the first place.<br>KuCoin makes enabling 2FA incredibly easy.<br>To do this, you need to tap on your "initials" in the top-right corner and then tap on security.<br>Then tap on Google Authentication and you&#8217;ll be able to connect your 2FA app.<br>You can use any 2FA application despite the fact it says Google Authentication, so don&#8217;t worry.<br>Just follow the steps on screen and you&#8217;re good to go.<br>If you&#8217;re looking for a good 2FA service, Google Authenticator is a good choice.<br>If you don&#8217;t like Google, Authy is a fantastic alternative that also works on your computer.<br>Do you pay fees at KuCoin.<br>All crypto exchanges have trading fees, but KuCoin&#8217;s fee schedule is pretty fair.<br>Its fees are some of the lowest around, and you can get a reduction on these fees if you&#8217;re an active trader or hold KuCoin&#8217;s token, KCS.<br>Maker and taker fees are 0.1% by default, but you can reduce this by paying trading fees with KCS.<br>At the base level, you&#8217;ll pay 0.08% maker and taker fees is you use KCS to pay.<br>As you trade more, your fees will drop.<br>The top level will require you trading more than 8,000 BTC in a 30-day period, and when you pay the fees with KCS, you&#8217;re looking at 0.005% in maker fees and 0.02% for taker fees.<br>When withdrawing, you only pay the transaction fee which is displayed on the withdrawal page.<br>Trade with leverage at KuCoin.<br>For those of you that are into leverage trading, you&#8217;ll be happy to know that it&#8217;s possible at KuCoin.<br>You can trade with up to 100x leverage at KuCoin on certain markets.<br>But, doing so is incredibly risky.<br>If you&#8217;re trading at 100x leverage and the price changes the wrong way by 1% your loss is 100%.<br>You don&#8217;t need to pass any tests or quizzes in order to be able to leverage trade at KuCoin, which makes this even more dangerous.<br>Anyone can hop on a 100x leverage trade, which might sound good, but it&#8217;s risky for newbies to the crypto world.<br>You should only leverage trade if you know what you are doing and have a lot of experience.<br>Buy crypto on your mobile.<br>If you&#8217;re a mobile user, then KuCoin is a great choice for you.<br>The KuCoin mobile app is sleek, smooth and runs well on all devices.<br>We tested it out on iOS, and it was a great experience, especially for those of you looking for a more advanced platform.<br>KuCoin isn&#8217;t really geared towards new traders and is filled with advanced features, even on mobile.<br>This does lead to a cluttered feel, but it&#8217;s actually well laid out and easy to use as far as pro trading apps go.<br>You can buy crypto on your mobile at KuCoin using the 3 rd party integrations.<br>You simply hit trade, select fiat, and then go through your currency selection preferences.<br>You are buying crypto from a 3 rd party rather than KuCoin, which isn&#8217;t the best experience on your mobile device.<br>KuCoin customer support.<br>Having good customer support is vital in the crypto exchange world, and this is something that KuCoin does well.<br>You can access support from the website and mobile app once logged in.<br>You have a choice of live chat, ticket submission and the detailed FAQ section.<br>The FAQs are well thought out and have detailed answers.<br>When we tested, it took around 6 hours to get a reply to a ticket, and the response was helpful.<br>The live chat is available in English and Chinese.<br>The support agents were incredibly helpful and detailed in their answers.<br>We didn&#8217;t have to wait long to get a reply and the response time was good.<br>So far, the support is our favorite part of the KuCoin experience.<br>Is KuCoin legal?<br>When it comes to the legal side of KuCoin, it&#8217;s a bit of a grey area.<br>The way that KuCoin functions doesn&#8217;t nessesarily require it to be regulated.<br>This is because you cannot use it as a fiat on or off ramp.<br>So, as a result, KuCoin isn&#8217;t regulated in any major jurisdiction in thw way that Coinbase or Kraken is.<br>As a result, you are advised not to use KuCoin from the USA.<br>While you can use it with no problem at all, KuCoin could decide to turn around and shut your account because they don&#8217;t wish to comply with US laws and regulations.<br>KuCoin doesn&#8217;t offer any fund protection guarantee like you get at Binance either, so you are on your own if it gets hacked again or your account gets compromised.<br>That being said, there are plenty of other exchanges out there using the same business model.<br>Just because it&#8217;s not regulated or licensed doesn&#8217;t make it unsafe to use.<br>We&#8217;ve used KuCoin for <a href="https://go.binaryoption.ae/xjnqb9"></a> the purpose of this test and had no problems at all, other than trying to get verified and buy crypto, but those are minor issues.<br>Are profits from KuCoin taxed?<br>Hopefully when you&#8217;re trading you&#8217;re making money.<br>If you&#8217;re taking losses, these can actually benefit you in the long-run.<br>Whenever you make profit on crypto, you&#8217;ll need to report it to the tax man.<br>The upside of this is that you can also deduct losses from your tax bill, which evens everything out in the long-run.<br>Now, seeing as you can&#8217;t sell crypto for fiat at KuCoin, you won&#8217;t be directly taxed on your KuCoin activity.<br>But, you will still need to keep note of the trades you make so that when you do eventually cash out to fiat, you can pay the appropriate amount of tax.<br>Tax isn&#8217;t due on your crypto gains in every country, but it does apply in most.<br>Australia, Germany, and Malta will give you nice discounts on your tax if you hold for a year or more.<br>You can learn more about crypto tax and the specifics with our detailed guide to crypto taxes!<br>KuCoin is perfect for advanced users.<br>If you&#8217;re a more advanced user and you know what you&#8217;re doing, then KuCoin will become your new favorite crypto exchange.<br>It&#8217;s packed full of top-quality features that will allow you to take your trading game to the next level.<br>However, it&#8217;s a bit more advanced than most beginners should be using.<br>So, if you&#8217;re new to crypto, you might want to start out by using platforms like Kraken and Coinbase until you&#8217;re more confident.<br>KuCoin doesn&#8217;t give you the confidence you need to get going and is more geared towards experienced traders.<br>The trading bots are fantastic, offering real value for money in terms of return.<br>The fact that you can&#8217;t buy crypto directly from KuCoin and need to use a 3 rd party provider does ruin the experience.<br>What currencies can I use at KuCoin?<br>KuCoin currently has more than 770 trading pairs.<br>This is an insane range of trading pairs, so you should be able to find a pair that you wish to trade.<br>As for fiat currencies, you can&#8217;t actually buy or sell crypto for fiat at KuCoin.<br>You have to use a 3 rd party provider, which it matched to you based on the crypto that you want to buy and the fiat currency you&#8217;re using.<br>Is KuCoin available in my country?<br>KuCoin isn&#8217;t regulated in any country, meaning that if your country requires a license to operate, you can&#8217;t use KuCoin.<br>But, that doesn&#8217;t mean that you can&#8217;t use KuCoin from a restricted country.<br>You can still use a VPN and opt to not verify your account.<br>However, this could result in you losing your crypto if KuCoin decides to clamp down.<br>So, use KuCoin from a restricted country at your own risk.<br>Will KuCoin list more currencies?<br>KuCoin actively lists new cryptocurrencies and trading pairs based on their popularity.<br>It claims to only list projects with potential and trust, but there are lots of coins that are questionable already live on KuCoin.

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